Mystery Shopping

November 3, 2006

Mystery shopping is not all it’s cracked up to be. If you believe those ‘spam’ emails or ads promising untold riches, you deserve what you get!

Many mystery shopping assignments are reimbursement only, at least most of the food-related ones are. You might get a small shop fee, if you’re lucky.

I’ve been doing it for years and only work for a select number of companies. When I first began, however, I signed up with as many companies as I could, and performed whatever assignments I could grab; what a mistake that was. If I had figured in my printing costs, travel time, gas, entering in the shop report, etc. into the actual fee I got, I could’ve made more working for McDonald’s as a cashier! That is a mistake newbies and even experienced MS’ers(mystery shoppers) make.

I usually only take jobs that pay $10+; and those $10 ones better be quick reporting without any, or a miniscule amount of, narrative. I will take a smoothie shop that pays a little shop fee and reimbursement only because it is a HEALTHY shop. Also, I love the SMOOTHIES there!

However, I will not take a fast food shop, even the quick ones, for under $15. It’s just not worth it to do a food shop that will turn you into a blimp!


One Response to “Mystery Shopping”

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